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Atatürk Eğitim Fakültesi Binası

Atatürk Education Faculty is a teacher-training institution that offers  programmes in the areas of pre-school, primary and secondary school teacher-training. The Faculty is home to ten academic divisions. These divisions contain a total of twenty-two departments. Each department awards its own diploma, and each offers its own distinct academic programme. During the 2020-2021, academic year, the teaching faculty numbered 218 in total, comprising 54 professors, 39 associate professors, 49 assistant professors, 26 lecturers, 3 foreign nationals and 47 research assistants. The Faculty has a total of 6,402 students.

Together with the restructuring of the Faculty that occurred in 1998, which included undergraduate and non-thesis masters level programmes, two separate stages  of education and teaching started to be offered by the Faculty. The length of the courses offered by the Division of Secondary School Social Studies and the Division of Secondary School Science and Mathematics Education was increased to 5 years in duration (3.5+1.5). The programmes offered by these departments are offered in unison with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. According to this system, students receive an education of 3.5 years in the first stage. This stage occurs in the Faculty of Sciences and Arts where students take subject-specific courses related to their particular field of study. During the second stage, students undergo a teacher-training practicum and receive further theoretical and applied training as part of a non-thesis MA programme. The other programmes offered by the Faculty are all 4 year long undergraduate programmes. In conjunction with the restructuring of the Faculty, considerable importance was attached to ensuring co-operation and partnership between the Faculty and schools in the community as a way of ensuring that the programmes offered by the Faculty are not overly-theoretical in nature. Parallel to this process, the amount of time dedicated to student participation in teaching experience and practicums has been increased.
Atatürk Education Faculty is Turkey’s longest-established teacher-training institution. The Faculty is located on Marmara University’s Göztepe Campus which is situated on the Asian side of Istanbul.

You can download a brochure about the Faculty in Turkish and English.

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