Vision and Mission


Our vision is succeeding in being a pioneer faculty of education that guides and leads developments in the field of education, that is open to change and progress, and that holds social responsiveness and responsibility at home and over the globe.


Our initial mission is to assist our students with our academic faculty members who are appointed according to objective criteria of selection and who can employ the ways of transferring information to the students efficiently, employ educational technology effectively, combine theory and practice in a balanced way, work in national and international projects easily, internalise scientific and ethical values very well, possess our institution culture, produce authentic information, conduct sound research studies, maintain powerful communication with our students, and question themselves with evaluation systems and along with these our mission is also to assist our students with our educational programmes which are convenient for the needs of our country and which are progressed and expanded constantly.

Then, our mission is to provide efficient and effective environments and contexts which are supported with educational technology for our students that can help them think creatively, take responsibility, take place in teamwork, and teach them how to learn.

Finally, our mission is constituting a faculty that contains physically, socially, and culturally positive environments and supports powerful communication for our academic staff so that they can conduct research at national and international levels and can improve their professional skills.



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