Dean's Message

Dear faculty and teacher candidates;

Future of a country very much depends on the education the country provides to its people. Accordingly, it is fair to say that the establishment of civilizations in the world owes a lot to teachers. It is observed many times in our history that our culture and civilization rose and knowledge and moral reached to higher levels when the importance of teachers is recognized. On the contrary, when the teaching profession is neglected our civilization has lost its significance among other civilizations. Therefore, we are very aware of the fact that educating our teachers with profounding qualities is key to have future generations who produce, share, and feel responsibility for their country.

Being one of the first and high quality college of education, as a family with 225 faculty members, we collectively strive for our students to find and develop their best abilities, have the most comprehensive education, and become the role models socially, intellectually, and morally in the society. Our faculty members, who completed their academic careers in the best universities across the country and the world, trying their best to reach the quality of education beyond the standards.

Dear students,

The best teacher is the one who follows the wisdom of “be either the learner or the teacher or you will perish” throughout his/her life. I strongly believe that you will enlighten our future.
I hope all of you a very successful academic year!

With love and respect.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Şükrü ÖZDEMİR

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