Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the minimum GPA required to take higher-level courses and how many courses can I take at most?

In order to take upper-level courses, the GPA must be at least 3 and a maximum of three courses can be taken.


What should my GPA be in order to pass to the third year?

The grade point average of the student who will move to the third year must be at least 1.80. Students who cannot exceed 1.80 must retake the courses they failed in previous years. They can take courses from the third grade during the period when they maintain a GPA of 1.80.


While I was studying at another university, I took the exam again and got into your faculty. Can I be exempt from the courses I took at the university where I canceled my registration?

If the course contents to be taken by the student from the university where he/she has withdrawn his/her registration match with the course contents of the faculty to which he/she has newly registered, exemption procedures are made if the Department and Faculty Executive Board approve.


When are course exemption applications made?

Exemption applications must be made to the student affairs office within ten days from the first registration. Transcript and course content are required at the time of application.


I want to freeze my registration, what should I do?

The student who wishes to suspend registration will obtain the registration suspension form from the student affairs office and submit his/her petition to the dean's office. If the Faculty Administrative Board approves, the student's registration is suspended. Applications for registration suspension are made at the beginning of the semester. During the registration freeze period, the student does not pay fees or register for courses. A student whose registration is suspended cannot benefit from any student rights.



What is summer school?

Students can enroll in courses in the Summer School to complete their missing courses, to repeat a course that they failed or were successful in to increase their grade, or to take a new course. A student who enrolls in a course offered in the Summer School cannot drop that course.


How many credits/courses can I get from summer school?

In Summer School, a student can take a maximum of four courses, not exceeding ten credits in total. However, students who are able to graduate directly from the Summer School by taking courses or with the right to take a single course exam can take a maximum of four courses, not exceeding twelve credits in total.


What can I do if the course I want to take in summer school is not offered in my department?

If the course that the student wants to enroll in is not opened in the Summer School of the unit in which he/she is registered; the student can take this course from another university’s summer school. In this case, the student submits an official document containing the content, language, credits and course hours of the course to be taken from a different university, as well as the Summer School academic calendar, to his/her unit in advance. Courses can be taken from different universities if deemed appropriate by the unit's board of directors, after taking the opinion of the relevant department, program or major science/major art branch.


How many courses in total can I take from another university summer school?

A student can take a maximum of nine credits of courses from another university during the maximum education period.



What should my GPA be to apply for a double major?

To apply for a double major, your GPA must be at least 3.


In what periods can I apply for a double major?

Students can apply at the beginning of the 3rd and 5th semesters of the major undergraduate program, in the week before taking courses.



In what cases will my scholarship be terminated?

If the student receiving a scholarship has more than three unsuccessful or absent courses in total and the student is suspended for more than one month, the scholarship will be terminated. Regulations regarding scholarships are determined by KYK.



How can I get a transcript and student certificate?

Transcripts and student certificates can be obtained from the student affairs office on the day of application. 5th grade students can receive their applications within the next two days.


What should I do if I lose my Student ID and health card?

If you apply to student affairs together with the newspaper advertisement, it can be received within two days.


How soon can I receive letters written for different institutions from the Dean's Office?

They can be taken within 2 days at the earliest.



How can I get my graduation certificate?

The graduating student obtains a termination form from the student affairs office and has it approved by the necessary authorities. Graduation certificate and transcript can be obtained on the same day along with the approved document.


What are the documents required to obtain a graduation certificate?

3 photographs (must be taken within the last six months), photocopy of identity card, student ID and health card obtained from the faculty.


I lost my graduation certificate, what should I do to get it back?

A petition is submitted to the faculty along with the missing person's announcement in national newspapers. Once the petition is submitted, it can be received within two days at the earliest.


How can I get a photocopy or original of my high school diploma?

If they wish, graduating students can receive the original copy of their high school diploma along with their faculty diploma on the same day. Students who continue their education can receive a photocopy of their diploma one day after their application.


I want to withdraw my registration from the faculty. What should I do?

Students who wish to cancel their registration must first submit a petition at least one week in advance. After the application is discussed in the Faculty Executive Board, the student's registration is deleted by the decision of the Faculty Executive Board. The student who will cancel his/her registration must not have any tuition debt.

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