24 November Teachers' Day Activities

24 November Teachers' Day was celebrated with enthusiasm in our faculty. Following the moment of silence, the National Anthem was sung live by the Music Teaching Polyphonic Choir under the conductorship of Dr. Bülent Halvaşi. After Beyza Şen, our student from the Department of Primary Education, gave her speech on "The Cornerstone of Society", our Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Seyfi Kenan gave the opening speech on "New Technologies and Education". After the message of our Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kurt was read by the program host, Assoc. Prof. Nermin Özer Özcan, the panel titled "Being a Teacher in the Second Century of the Republic" started. In the panel, Faculty of Communication Visual Communication Design Department Head Assoc. Dr. Ali Murat Kırık gave a speech titled "Artificial Intelligence and Education" and showed the participants examples of current artificial intelligence applications that can be used in education. In the second part of the panel, Prof. Dr. Mustafa S. Kaçalin, Head of the Department of Turkish and Social Sciences Education, gave examples adorned with memories of his educational experience with his speech titled "My Studentship and My Students".

At the end of the program, speakers and panelists were presented with a commemorative plate in memory of the 100th anniversary of the Republic and the 175th anniversary of the foundation of our faculty.

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